Stephan Connor 2022 No 453 ‘Collage’ – USA

Stephan Connor is a renowned luthier from the East Coast of the United States. His instruments are lightweight and feature an all-wood lattice bracing and have been played by renowned concert performers – Anabel Montesino, Marco Tamayo, Eliot Fisk,…). This guitar is No. 453 named ‘Collage’, all Connor guitars are named, from 2022 in near mint condition which is a special request. The rosette is a patchwork of rosettes used by Stephane over time and the headstock has a mother-of-pearl inlay. The guitar is equipped with a sound port that can be closed with a magnetic cover. The instrument is rare and above all exceptional with a beautifully clear and thick sound characteristic of Connors. This a unique opportunity to acquire an exceptional instrument without waiting two years of waiting.

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