Amazing comparison between Michel Belair 2020 DT versus Daniel Friederich :

When it comes to purchase a new guitar, everybody would dream of one these great dream guitars from Romanillos, Hauser and Friederich. However, not everybody can afford these guitars and as well the is such a large choice of new luthiers. Why not a guitar which will have as well the benefit of new innovation?

To illustrate this choice, we made a comparison video between a Daniel Friederich we had for sale and the Michel Belair : close you eyes and listen to the difference !

Here one the best solution which will save you lots of money and provide you the benefit of a modern guitar with a marvelous traditional tone.Michel Belair is a Canadian Luthier. he is very famous for his Daniel Friederich ‘Hommage’ guitars. Michel Belair work is fully inspired by Daniel Friederich. However because Michel believes that he still can push a little bit forward Daniel Friederich esthetics, he developed for us a double-top with the objective to reinforced and the sound image of Daniel Friederich thanks to the help of the DT concept.

More information on this Michel Belair DTby clicking on the link.

Michel Belair Luthier classical guitar 2019 19BEL019-10

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