Our Guarantees

Guitar builders offer various different warranties; some give lifetime warranties to their initial buyers, whereas others offer limited-time warranties, while others still don’t offer any warranty at all. As for us, here are our warranties which are valid for any purchase of new guitars. They do not apply however for preowned instruments.

2 year warranty

As for us, any guitar we sell is guaranteed for at least two years regarding any so-called structural faults. On the other hand, mishandling of any sort (as can be verified by the presence of bumps and scratches) puts an end to the agreement. We insist for example that in winter you must absolutely use a humidifier, which tends to prevent 99% of all soundboard cracks, as well as taking care to keep the instruments out of the sun. You are solely responsible for any customizing that you may wish to implement.

Any new guitar purchased in our showroom benefits from a 2 year warranty which covers the ‘structural’ default that the guitar may occur. However the warranty does not cover the following:

– The damage resulting of a misuse or a fall of the guitar. For instance, if you hit the guitar, the damages are not included in the warranty;

– any problem which might happen to the polish of the guitar due to the fact that the luthier makes the decision to use polish which are more or less resistant in order to have a lighter top;

– Adjustments and settings which are personal to players (action, saddle).

The repairs will be made in France when possible. If the guitar has to be sent back to the luthier, the shipping cost of sending the guitar to the luthier will have to be covered by the buyers, the return of the guitar will be paid by the luthier. Any custom charges which will be resulting from shipping back the guitar to the luthier will have to be covered by the owner of the guitar.

For online purchases only and the players who cannot try their guitar before purchasing it, they benefit from a 3 day trial period after receiving their guitar. Within 3 days, the guitar can be returned to us. Once we receive the guitar and if the guitar is in the same condition, we will send back the money to the buyer minus the shipping costs both ways and minus the banking charges of sending back the money.

This warranty does not apply to preowned guitars neither for special orders such as left-handed guitars or short scale instruments.

Customers from non-European Community countries are exempt of VAT.

Customers from EC countries are obliged to pay customs fees — that is to say 23% of the instrument’s value, as well as shipping and insurance costs. Once you have played and found an instrument to your liking, you can take it home with you.

Our prices range from 3,000€ to 12,900€ — except for the Smallman & Friedrich models. Because we collect French tax for the European sale, our prices are slightly higher than the local luthier price plus import taxes.

Example: our best-selling guitars go for 8,900€, case included. This price includes the 20% VAT. Therefore, in this particular instance, out of the 8,900€ we get 7,416€.

To pursue the example of this guitar, an Australian customer will be charged $8,950 AUD. Shipping and insurance costs — inevitable and necessary for this type of instrument — come to $600 AUD for Europe, bringing the total price to 9,550 AUD (6,817€). If the guitar is purchase by a European citizen, to get his guitar, on top of that, the customer will also have to pay import taxes representing for instance in Europe 23% of the value of the sale including shipping costs — that is to say 1,568 € payable to customs upon receipt. Thus, the total cost comes to 8,384€. Consequently, our price before tax comes to 7,416€ in France, compared to 8,384 € for the same instrument bought directly in Australia.

Our prices are slightly higher than those of the luthiers themselves, but the fact that we are based in France means that we are obliged to collect the 20% VAT that goes to the State. This tax exists for all products, and explains why a pair of jeans or a mobile phone is cheaper in Singapore or New York. When it comes to EC guitars, our prices and those of the luthiers are practically identical.

When you buy a guitar directly from abroad you risk being disappointed — not to mention that it is always a chore to send the instrument back. There is also the possibility of an accident occurring during shipping, which might push the price up further.

Be that as it may, when you buy an instrument from us, you are purchasing a guitar that you have been able to play and compare to other models, in a transaction that includes customs fees and regulations as well as a warranty ranging from two to ten years depending on the builder.

As regards exceptional guitars such as Friederich, Smallman, Damman, Fleta, and Romanillos, our prices are based on market value rather than those of the luthiers