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Luthier Greg Smallman : the  creator of the Austrlian lattice guitar concept.

information .extracts from wikipedia :

Greg Smallman is the first internationally successful non-traditional Australian guitar-maker. He is known worldwide for his innovative guitar designs[1][2] Although his guitars are in outward appearance similar to a traditional Spanish classical guitar, there are numerous innovative differences.[1][2]

Among them is the use of a high, arched and carved back for the guitar, which is considerably thicker and heavier than a conventional guitar. The back is made of Madagascar rosewood, while the top is always made of Western Redcedar. The lightweight of the top combined with Smallman’s unique system of bracing makes the guitar very responsive to input with a full rounded sound (not thin).[3] The top of Smallman guitars is braced using a “lattice” framework composed of balsa wood and carbon fibre. By contrast, traditional classical guitars use struts made of cedar or spruce arranged in a “fan” shape.

The world-renowned classical guitarists John Williams and Miloš Karadaglić use Greg Smallman guitars.


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