First of all, with us you have the opportunity of comparing new guitars from the various luthiers with whom we have formed partnerships, allowing you to test and compare instruments.


Second of all, if you find the guitar you’ve been dreaming of buying all these years, you can take it home with you right away — something that is practically impossible with luthiers who work on commission and whose waiting lists tend to run to several months.


Thirdly, if we don’t have the guitar in stock, you can order it through us, ensuring that you will receive your instrument much more quickly than if you order directly from the luthier, since we have preferential status.


Lastly, if you are not completely satisfied by your guitar once you receive it, you can return it and get your money back — see further down — thus avoiding the uncertainty of prepaid orders.

In order to ensure optimal, calm, comfortable conditions, we limit testing to one guitarist at a time*. It takes around two hours to go through all the guitars we have in stock and to become familiar with their sound. We encourage you to come with your own instrument in order to be able to compare it to ours. To arrange a meeting (especially during holidays) we suggest you call André or Philippe three to four days beforehand.

We ship our instruments the world over and absolutely ensure safe delivery. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer: in France, Chronopost’s 24-hour delivery service will run you about 50€; Fedex will ship an instrument just about anywhere in the world within 48 hours for somewhere between 200€ and 400€. The buyer pays shipping along with all other costs, beforehand. Once the instrument has been delivered, you have 48 hours to test the instrument. If it is not to your liking, you can send it back using our shippers — we will organize the logistics but you will have to pay the costs. Once we have received the guitar, if it is in its original pristine state we will reimburse its price — though neither shipping costs nor banking fees. Please note however that certain guitars cannot be returned, mainly those which are under consignment, and therefore do not belong to us, as well as certain extremely popular models.

If the guitar is in stock it is yours. Otherwise, www.concert-classical-guitar.com will order it for you. The special relationship we have with our luthiers ensures speedy delivery, as our orders are prioritized.

Out of principle we do not ask our partners for exclusivity. After having tried our instruments you are free to contact our luthiers and talk directly with them, though you should know that they will invariably suggest that you buy the instrument from us, especially if it is in stock. If you order the instrument from us you we guarantee delivery within three to five months as well as the option of returning the instrument if you are not satisfied.

Guitar builders offer various different warranties; some give lifetime warranties to their initial buyers, whereas others offer limited-time warranties, while others still don’t offer any warranty at all. As for us, any guitar we sell is guaranteed for at least two years regarding any so-called structural faults. On the other hand, mishandling of any sort (as can be verified by the presence of bumps and scratches) puts an end to the agreement. We insist for example that in winter you must absolutely use a humidifier, which tends to prevent 99% of all soundboard cracks, as well as taking care to keep the instruments out of the sun. You are solely responsible for any customizing*réglages éventuels that you may wish to implement.

We ask for a 10% down payment on the price of the guitar upon ordering. The final payment should be made before the instrument is shipped. If the final payment does not go through or if you should change your mind, the down payment will not be reimbursed.



We have an agreement with the guitar makers we partner with to prioritize all orders that come from www.concert-classical-guitar.com. Naturally we do all we can to satisfy our clients. The date of delivery is set on the day of the order and, barring disaster, should be accurate. In general it does not take longer than three to five months.

Usually we ship our guitars in Hiscox cases. However certain bespoke cases are sometimes in order depending on the instrument’s unique qualities — arched for lattice guitars for example. These cases are not included in the price of the instrument.

We carry Accord, Karura, and Presto cases.

Yes — depending on the quality of the instrument.

Call us up and we’ll talk. All requests are examined carefully, as long as the instruments in question are concert-quality material, and technically innovative.