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Luthier Dake Traphagen is one of the most sought-after classical guitar builders

Balance, projection, and string articulation are hallmarks of Traphagen classicals, and the voice of this gem is fully open, with snappy bass tones and just the right amount of treble cut.

Here are some information extract from Dake’s website :

A truly great guitar needs the human touch, intuition, and insight; therefore, I still primarily use hand tools so that I may feel the wood as I work with it. Moreover, I still use traditional glues and finishes, for I believe this helps the instrument maximize its potential. I try to build each section of the guitar in such a way that all its parts work together, and the instrument becomes a unified expression. This, to me, is the art of luthiery. When a guitar becomes a “product”, it ceases to be a true expression of musicality.

That is not to say I don’t experiment and try to broaden the potential of the modern guitar. I do; however, I do this by increasing my understanding of what the wood can musically produce. My guitars are considered among the loudest, yet I know I can build guitars that are louder still; however, I am more concerned with whether or not an instrument is musical. With this in mind, I try to find the guitar’s voice rather than just make an instrument based on scientific theory.

To this day I find the guitars that inspire me the most are those made by some of the past masters: Torres, Esteso, Hernandez, Hauser, and Rodriquez. These guitars have definite personalities, unique voices, and most importantly, they are undeniably musical. These are the qualities that inspire me to keep building. For me, the true art of luthiery is creating a guitar that is first and foremost musical.

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