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Jim Redgate is an Australian classical guitar luthier

Jim Redgate is an Australian classical guitar luthier, who owns Redgate Guitars. As of 2018, he makes two models, the lattice-braced, the double-top.

His customers include Pepe RomeroAna VidovicRalph TownerSlava GrigoryanLeonard GrigoryanBertrand ThomasJeff YoungGareth KochOdair AssadWolfgang MuthspeilKaren SchauppEmmanuel RossfelderHucky Eichelman, and Phillipe Mariotti.

One author said of him, “Like fellow Australian Greg Smallman, Redgate builds his (lattice braced) guitars with an arched back to improve their volume and projection. He uses lightweight carbon fiber reinforcements under the soundboard.

While not as thin as a Smallman’s, Redgate’s soundboards are much lighter than traditionally braced examples, and his guitars are therefore more responsive, energy efficient, and louder than traditional classical instruments.

(borrowed from wikipedia)

Jim Redgate is an Australian classical guitar luthier

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