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Martin Blackwell is surely one of the most gifted luthier of his generation. His doubletop guitars are playerd by young professional who are competition winners. His guitars are awesome in any sens : craftmanship, tone, balance, loudness.

We are proud to list him and happy for the players who choose his guitars.

Here are some bio information extracted from Martin’s website:

Balance in the sound of a guitar is critical, I strive for an intimate sound with strong projection, tone colours, and a refined interplay between depth and clarity. My guitars are characterized by their responsiveness to varied attacks, contributing a full sound on the initial fundamentals, supported by rich overtones and harmonics.

I often hear from players that my guitars are easy to play. This is the result of thoughtful design, sensitivity to plate elasticity, meticulous fret work and careful carving of the neck. A high degree of attention is paid to properly executing every detail on the guitar, seen or unseen. I believe the fit, finish and interrelationship between the smallest to the largest components contribute to the success of the overall instrument.

With each guitar, strong lines and the natural beauty of the wood provide the aesthetic. Only the highest quality woods and materials are employed in building these instruments. I am fortunate to have the finest red cedar in the world growing right here where I live. All the cedar I use for tops is from wind-fallen trees, or those that are standing dead. Cedar has an incredible resistance to decay; the wood in these trees can stay intact in the forest for over one hundred years. Using this wood not only saves cutting down old growth trees, but has the added benefit of extremely long seasoning. All woods spend years in the shop before use.

The finish used for my instruments is French polish. I believe it to be the best finish for Classical and Flamenco guitars. It is agreed by most makers of fine instruments, that the acoustic properties of French polish are superior to that of any other finish, providing the necessary protection with beautiful depth and clarity. It is a skill well worth the years spent perfecting resulting in the best possible finish for the guitars I build.

A Blackwell guitar has a clean, simple, classic aesthetic that is balanced with a rich tone, depth, clarity and power. With these elements in unison, it is my hope that these guitars contribute to the intimate relationship between musician and instrument.


Luthier Martin Blackwell : doubletop classical guitars

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