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Kim Lissarrague is a luthier that has been with us since we started our business. We have sold many of his guitars and saw how his guitars have changed over the time. From good they became excellent, from excellent they move to awesome. It seems to us that there is no limit in Kim’s work quality.

Here are some information extracted from Kim’s website:

I began making my first guitar in 1991 at the age of thirteen. I was drawn to guitar making through my love of music and a keen interest in working with wood.

At fourteen I had the great fortune of meeting the luthier Peter Biffin who inspired me to really understand and experiment with new techniques for building instruments, to refine and develop all aspects of the guitar, to make them play and sound better, which I have continued to do. 

Working in Melbourne for James Cargill after completing school, I refined my skills repairing and making electric and acoustic instruments for Cargill Custom Guitars. 

These days I have a small workshop in Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, where I make a limited number of high quality guitars per year. 

I have developed my own designs based on the ‘Australian School’ of guitar making. The guitar I have to offer you is a lattice-braced, arched back classical guitar, which has superb projection, clarity and sustain. Combining a full and rich tone, with bright trebles and warm basses. 

My guitars are beautifully handcrafted, using the highest quality materials available. Anyone looking for a guitar with plenty of power and volume will find these qualities in a Lissarrague. 

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