Our latest videos

To select a guitar nothing beats a live trial session. Our demonstration videos – one minute videos – are made to give you an idea of the tone quality of a guitar. If you want to know more on these demo videos (how and why), then have a look at the nearby video.

Most of the time, Philippe plays very short pieces of music, each one has been selected to a part of the guitar’s personality:

  • Study No. 3 of  Mattéo Carcassi (mostly to listen to a simple melody and the string separation)
  • Prelude 5 of Heitor Villa-Lobos  (for the bass)
  • A melodic piece from Dilermando Reis – Se Ela Perguntar (for the sustain and the colour of the first string)
  • A piece from Daniel Fortea Mi favorita (again to check the singing ability of the guitar)