General Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to business relationships of any kind between Finest Musical Instruments, 5 villa des Sureaux 95880 Enghien-les-Bains, France (hereinafter referred to as „FMI“) and the customer.
  2. The products displayed in the online store do not constitute a legally binding offer; instead it is merely a non-binding online catalogue of the range of products available. An invoice or a pro-forma invoice will be sent to the customer with the precise product description. The customer makes a legally binding commitment to purchase the goods, when he agrees to pay the amount mentioned on the invoice.
  1. The delivery is made at the customer’s risk – which means that the risk includes the loss or the damages which could occur to the instrument during the transportation.
  2. FINEST MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS take care of the packing according the the carrier requirements
  3. The transportation cost and the insurance are covered by the customer. The insurance cost is estimated at 1% of the merchandise value. The merchandise is delivered to the address mentioned by the customer. It is not our intention to make significant monetary gain on packing, insurance and delivery. We do need to fully recover genuine costs however and add 10% as a contribution for packing and sundry costs. We will always try to make it as economic yet safe as possible and will quote you a firm price at time of purchase. Transportation and associated charges must be paid with the sale price of the goods before despatch.
  4. The guitar prices include local EU taxes, shipping and insurance are on the top.
  5. In case of shipping abroad, the local taxes and custom taxes have to be paid by the customers.
  6. A sale cannot be cancelled due to the non-payment of import taxes by the customer.
  7. Invoices accompanying shipment will show the full correct purchase value of the shipment.

Returns Policy

The Consumer Contracts Regulations include cancellation, rejection and refund rights to consumers who buy without visiting the shop or location of sale – for example internet, telephone or mail order purchases.

Customers buying at distance i.e. who have not visited our premises, have the right to cancel the contract or notify rejection of the goods from the moment the order is placed and ending 3 days from the reception of the goods. Because of the relatively high costs and values involved in this specialist business, if you choose to return the goods, we require you to arrange and pay for prompt, fully-insured return.

For the distance purchases only and the players who cannot try their guitar before purchasing it, benefit from a 3 day trial period after receiving their guitar. Within 3 days, the guitar can be returned to us. Once we receive the guitar and if the guitar is in the same condition, we will refund the buyer( minus the shipping costs both ways and the banking charges for sending back the money).

This warranty does not apply to preowned guitars neither for special orders such as left-handed guitars or short scale instruments.

When we have checked that the goods have arrived back in exactly the same saleable condition as when sent to you, we will refund the purchase price (in the currency and quantity in which it was received). For  sales outside France, we will also deduct the higher charge for sending to you (these costs will be separately quoted and treated as a separate contract from the goods), customs fees, taxes or bank charges in order for us to end up with a nil net cost scenario.

If the Goods suffer any damage or deterioration during your possession or care, we reserve the right to make a reasonable deduction from the refund payment to cover repair, making good and loss of residual market value, remembering that even when fully repaired, the sale value of a guitar can drop alarmingly. In cases of significant marking or damage, we reserve the right refuse return.

Sales to customers who visit, select and pay for goods are final. Goods are non-returnable unless there is a genuine claim over faulty materials, faulty workmanship or goods not being fit for purpose. If you change your mind after purchase, we will be as helpful as we can, without obligation, to find a suitable exchange, alternative or assist with re-sale.

Exclusions from the statutory right of return

The statutory right of return shall not apply in the following cases:

  • Delivery of FMI goods which  have been manufactured on the basis of a personal choice or according to customer specifications, or of goods which have clearly been tailored to the customer’s personal requirements such as left-handed or short scale instruments.
  • Delivery of preowned guitars when the former owner has specified for his guitar the refusal of returns

As for us, any new guitar we sell is guaranteed for at least two years regarding any so-called structural faults. Preowned guitars are not guaranteed. On the other hand, mishandling of any sort (as can be verified by the presence of bumps and scratches) puts an end to the agreement. We insist for example that in winter you must absolutely use a humidifier, which tends to prevent 99% of all soundboard cracks, as well as taking care to keep the instruments out of the sun. You are solely responsible for any customizing that you may wish to implement.

Any new guitar purchased in our showroom benefits from a 2 year warranty which covers the ‘structural’ default that the guitar may have. However the warranty does not cover the following:

– Damage resulting of a misuse or from the guitar being dropped or falling over. For instance, if you hit the guitar, the damages are not included in the warranty;

– any problem which might happen to the polish of the guitar due to the fact that the luthier makes the decision to use polish which are more or less resistant in order to have a lighter top;

– Adjustment and settings which are personal to players (action, saddle).

The repairs will be made in France when possible. If the guitar has to be sent back to the luthier, the shipping cost of sending the guitar to the luthier will have to be covered by the buyers, the return of the guitar will be paid by the luthier. Any custom charges which will be resulting from shipping back the guitar to the luthier will have to be covered by the owner of the guitar.

Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction

French laws shall apply to any claim / dispute /litigation with FMI.