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Luthier Gregory Byers classical guitars

The luthier Gregory Byers  as an engineering background and build amazing guitars mostly inspired by the big traditional classical guitarmakers.

Here is some information extracted from Gregory website:

Romanillos is a wonderful and deeply spiritual man. He showed me that lutherie is more than just gluing sticks together. Inspired by the greatness of both his artistry and spirit, I found my calling as a luthier. He gave me reason to think my life’s work could touch the creative, the mystical, and the rational in equal measure. This is what I had been looking for. In the intervening years my view hasn’t faltered or changed, though it has been a struggle at times. I developed my woodworking skills by building furniture during the first years, and took time out from guitar making to design and build the house I live in with my family. These days I continue to try to make every guitar the very best I can. The pursuit of perfection is demanding, yet has been a guiding force in the workshop and continues to kindle the creative spark that lights the way for me. What really sustains me, though, is my customers, for and at whose pleasure I joyfully do my work. You have shown me time and again that this work has a place of value in the world.

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