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Pre-owned classical guitars are available at All the pre owned guitars are verified and garantied by our team. We indicates in the description anything which could have an impact on the perceived value of the instruments such as any repair or repolish.

We have as well a huge network of classical guitarists who in a large proportion have a guitar for sale, so do not hesitate to contact us and to tell us what is your dream guitars. You will be surprised but we can really help your. If you want to sell your guitar do not hesitate to contact us, we have many solution to offer.

As you notice surely it is easier to buy a new guitar than to sell your guitars. We really advise you not to collect guitars which stay un-played and sleep for a year in their cases. Your guitars will lose its price value and its dynamics by remaining un-played. Because we have a huge network and all the necessary means to value your instruments (high quality recording studio), we can help you to sell your instruments. We offer many solutions to sell your guitars and maybe finance a new guitar. You have three options which depend on the value of your guitars and on the time you can afford to wait for selling your instruments.

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