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Luthier Ian Kneipp classical guitar

While many Australian guitar makers have been influenced by Greg Smallman, only two, Eugene Philp and Ian Kneipp actually worked with Smallman himself. With Philp’s untimely passing it must be said that Ian Kneipp produces the guitars most similar to those of Smallman. Ian Kneipp ‘s classical guitars indeed so closely duplicate the sound of a fine Smallman that even the experienced ear would be hard-pressed to tell the difference. This Ian Kneipp guitar, like all Smallman’s is heavier than typical Spanish style instruments, having thick, rigid sides and a carved, arched back designed to reflect the sound rather than absorb it. The top is slightly thinner cedar reinforced with the Smallman style latticed carbon fiber bracing. The result is surely one of the loudest guitars available, with a depth of sound seemingly unparalleled by conventionally constructed instruments. Those seeking maximum volume and depth of tone must seriously consider the fine instruments of Ian Kneipp.

Very rich sound with no effort.

Lattice bracing in the Smallman style. The guitar has a cedar soundboard with South American Rosewood sides and back. Kneipp guitars make extensive use of epoxy resin glues and carbon fibre reinforcement. The use of this technology allows the production of an instrument with exceptional strength, stability and performance. Kneipp guitars are guaranteed against structural failure during normal use.

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