Distance purchase.

We offer, of course the possibility to order your guitar and to deliver to your place wherever you are located.

To order your guitar

How to proceed ?

You want to buy a guitar; here are the following steps you have to go through:

  • You have to contact us and we will give you all the information related to the guitar, the availability and of course the shipping costs including insurance.
  • If you agree with this, we will send you an invoice with the guitar description and our banking details so you can ask your bank to transfer the money to us.
  • Once we receive the money on our account, we will ship the guitar by using one of our carriers (DHL or Fedex)
  • Once you receive the guitar, you have 3 days to come back on your decision and return the guitar to us. You should use the same packing and we will tell you precisely how to proceed.
  • When we receive the guitar and if the guitar is in the same condition, we send you back the money minus the shipping costs and some banking charges. The custom duties will not be reimbursed. We do not take any margin on the shipping and the banking charges.

Our carriers

We ship our guitars worldwide and use the FEDEX, DHL or CHRONOPOST. The cost of the shipping and insurance is paid by the customer. We provide a precise estimate on demand and do not take any profit on these costs.

Deliveries can vary:

  • 24 hours for France
  • 48 hours for Europe
  • 72 hours for the rest of the world

For example, the shipping costs, excluding insurance (insurance costs represent 1% of the guitar value) are:

  • For France 70/80 €
  • For Europe 150/200 €
  • Asia and the USA 350€ / 400€

We ship guitars worldwide and receive a high number of guitars by carriers. Our guitars travel thousands of km without any damage. Here are some rules to secure the shipping of your guitar:

  • To prepare the guitar: it is very important to reduce the string tension and to tune the guitar with a lower tension.
  • To position the guitar correctly in the case: it is of upmost importance that the guitar should not be able to move from one cm once sitting in the case. Use cloths or paper to fill up the gap in the case. Make sure that the neck is properly resting on something -use cloths. If the neck is not resting on something, there is a high chance that the guitar could be damaged. Once you have finished, the guitar should be difficult to take out from the case. Be careful with arched back guitars, the guitar should rest on the sides and not in the middle of the back where the guitar is more fragile, 90% of the damages occur because the guitar is sort of floating in its case during the shipping
  • Next step: protect the case. Use plastic bubble wrap and wrap your case like a mommy with the protective plastic.
  • Finally place the case in a cardboard box. The case should not be able to move in the case. So use anything to fill the empty space in the case.
  • Then close the box .

That should be enough, of course we sell flight cases such as Karura but they have to be made to order.

Guitars sold in France and the European Union are submitted to a 20 % VAT.

Guitars sold outside EU, can be the object of a tax removal of VAT, but the buyer will have to pay customs charges of his country of origin when the guitar enters his territory.

In case of export outside EU, the exemption from VAT can be in the following cases:

  • If the guitar is shipped by a carrier outside EU, the guitar will be sold without tax – duty free. The airway bill will justify that it is from an export. The declared value on the airway bill will be used by your local customs to calculate your import fees.
  • If the guitarist is coming into France and taking his guitar with him outside EU, the invoice will be made including taxes (20%) and he will be able to get the taxes back when going out of France or we will pay back the VAT when we receive a proof of import taxes payment in his home country. The payment of the VAT will be made minus some banking charges for the money order.