Flying with a classical guitar is a nightmare and it is difficult to find a good solution to protect your instrument. Most of the classical guitar cases available on the market do not properly protect your guitar from the handling in an airport. A proper classical guitar case has to answer to many criteria such as material used, lining, handle, accessories, type of lock, possibility to carry on the back, weight and of course enhance protection ability. We are not a specialist of guitar cases, but would prefer for many reasons to advise you to get a case tailored made to your luthier guitar size. That becomes obvious if your classical guitars havean arched-back or an elevated fingerboard. In these cases, the guitar case does not fit the guitar dimension which increases the risk of a damage in case of a shock. The classical guitar is moving inside the case and the shock are directly transmitted to the guitars. Theclassical guitar case should have the same protection than a helmet than for a biker. Because we receive many classical guitars in our store, we have from time to time first class cases available that we sell at a much lower price than the market price. Do not hesitate to contact us to know about the cases available. The cases are moslty Visesnut cases, Karura flight cases, Hiscok cases or BAM cases –  we have all the sizes, Accord cases and from time to time.

The classical guitar cases and supports