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Jeroen Hilhorst is a fanstastic luthier : making doubletop with a unique philosophy aiming at producing a huge sound with the best tonal quality. Whereas doubletop are usually very light, his doubletops are heavy with a body made in a view to favor the top to vibrate. A unique guitar choosen by a fantastic player Remi Boucher.. to be discovered

Here are some information on Jeroen Hilhorst axtracted from his website:

I have an academic degree in Dutch linguistics and literature.
I specialized in computational linguistics.

I worked for 13 years in the software industry, making software for the mainframes of large companies.
This education and experience turned me into an well trained scientific and logical thinker.

My father and grandfather both were carpenters running a small building company.
I often was making things in their workshop.
This was the basis for my woodworking skills.

Since 1989 I am combining these abilities for a better cause:
I am trying to make guitars with the most beautiful and powerful sound possible.

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