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Luthier Dan Kellaway  classical guitar: between Greg Smallman and Simon Marty guitars.

Luthier Dan Kellaway is a well established  and very experienced Australian luthier selling classical guitar  world wide and we are very pleased to represent his classical guitars in Europe

The new generation of lattice braced Aussie guitars are very different to my ear over the Smallman balsa and carbon fiber bracing method.  his lattice contain no carbon fibre but is instead reinforced where required with cloth tape soaked in glue. There is no balsa wood used inside this instrument. The bracing material is the same as the soundboard itself. This uniformity of timber is more sonorous than a mix and provides great clarity and focus on the note.

This guitar has all the subtle colors of  a traditional guitar build but has astonishing power and sustain.

Dan’s lattice design (his traditionally built fan braced guitars are also available) has a deep bass resonance with a throaty growl if summoned, something he accomplishes by expanding the effective air volume inside his substantially deep guitar body. It’s a thrill to hear it and is a unique element of his work. This much one learns about the guitar while just tuning it; once you are under way with a piece of music the counterbalancing qualities emerge: a distinct sweetness in the trebles,  especially in the high registers. Harmonies ring and ring, arpeggios are exceptional.

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