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The Luthier Keijo Korelin is an amazing luthier living in Finland. We are very proud to list his guitars which compete with the most famou doubletop classical guitars.

Here is some info coming from Keijo Korelin website:

I have been very fortunate to have worked alongside some very talented collegues; I took my first luthier steps as a luthier under the supervision of master luthier Rauno Nieminen. The Liikanen brothers, Kauko and Keijo, taught me basic classical guitar making techniques. I did repair work for Juha Lottonen for some years. Anders Liljeström has supported me throughout my journey, while Gernot Wagner has shown me the secrets of  making double top guitars and Gregory Byers has given direction to my growth as a luthier. 

Through my work, I have met a number of very talented musicians and many clients have become friends. I am very gratefull to al who have shown interrest in my guitars. Special thanks to Otto Tolonen and Aleksi Rajala whose music making has spread the message of my guitars all aver the world.

I live in small town called Joroinen (almost dead center of Finland) with my wife Henna, our children Eevert and Verner, and with our dogs Nasse and Selma. My hobbies are judo, primary production (sheep farming and beekeeping), hunting dogs (Finish Spitz and Russian Hound) and playing the domra and classical guitar. Taking care of our small forest, keeping up with repairs on our building-protected 1914 log house and volunteer work also keep me busy.

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