Dear Friends,

December is a a difficult month for us with an unpredictable inventory . We try as far as possible to carry a large number of guitars but we can’y avoid to have disappointed visiter coming here and dicovering that their guitar has been sold. Do not hesitate to contact us and to come sooner in December.Here is our classical guitar inventory at that date.
We have many guitars so we hope that you will find your dream guitar. Be careful some of them are already on hold.


Zbigniew Gnatek 2017 – Australia
Micheal O’Leary – Irelande
Kim Lissarrague- Australia
Charalambos Koumridis- Greece
Vicente Carillo Herencia-2016 – Spain
Stanislaw Partyka Cedar- Poland
Stanislaw Partyka Spruce – Poland
Giannis Paleodimopoulos – Greece
Jesse Moore (Simon Marty assistant) – Australia
Allan Bull- Australia
Régis Sala Australe – France
Ian Kneipp – Australia


Young Seo – Korea
Stephan Schlemper – 2008 – Germany
Régis Sala – 2017 Amboine – France
Manuel Contreras II Especial – 2010 – Spain
Kenny Hill Torres – 2008 – USA
Masaki Sakurai Maestro 2016 RF- Japan
Yuichi Imai 2016 – Japan
José Rodriguez – Cordoba 2011- Spain
Pierre Marcard – France
Gary Southwell decacordes – United-Kingdom


Christian Koehn – Germany
Keijo Korelin – Finland
Jeroen Hilhorst 2015 – Netherlands
Dieter Hopf Progresso – Germany
Dake Traphagen – USA

We do receive guitars every month and some of them are already on hold. The delivery dates give by the luthiers are just indications and not so precise.

André & Philippe