Jean-Luc Joie J braceless 2014 – France

Here is a very interesting guitar from an Innovative French luthier Jean-Luc Joie who invented the concept of double-top braceless guitars in the 80s. Jean-Luc Joie makes 2 types of guitars:  concert models such as the one played the well-known player Thibaut Cauvin and ‘semi concert guitars based on the same concept but at a more affordable price such as this model J (J like Joie). This guitar, which one could define as a true double-top has a top made of one slice of wood (here cedar) glue on a composite top which is super light so solid that the bracing is not anymore necessary. As the result, the sound is generous and full. The guitar offers a nice feeling to play a super concert guitar… at an affordable price.


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