Dennis Tolz – David Russell DT – Germany

The guitar is sold, we got one Dennis Tolz each other year.  Contact us to hold the next one in 2025.

This Dennis Tolz guitar is special because it is the guitar owned by David Russell that David played for 6 years. The guitar has been completely reviewed by Dennis of course and is like new and sold specifically as David Russell’s guitar with a certificate mentioning the history of the guitar.

Dennis and David Russell are working together and part of their collaboration consists in playing regularly on new guitars – that is what David did with Matthias Dammann since David got many guitars from Matthias.  All the guitars which belonged to David Russell are one of a kind. This Dennis TOLZ doubletop one has been made specially for David Russell in 2017 who discussed a long time with Dennis. Dennis spent one year building this guitar according to David’s requirements. David Russell just received a brand-new guitar from Dennis Tolz. That is the unique chance to acquire such a remarkable guitar.

For that reason, this one is surely the best guitar you could ever get from Dennis. The fact that the guitar belonged to David is surely a key asset.

Thank you Dennis for allowing us to offer such a guitar. You will find below our review video and as well David Russell playing this particular guitar. Enjoy!


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