Domenic Roscioli lattice # 171 2020 – Australia

Here is the third lattice from Domenic # 171  that we are lucky to list. Domenic has been making guitar since the 90s and established his brand in 2001. He made 172 guitars in 20 years. Domenic build his first guitar with the help of a luthier that we know very well John Price and then developed his skills with the great Jim Redgate who became his mentor and taught him the secrets of making lattice guitars. So his guitars share a lot of common principles with Jim’s guitars. Jim Redgate was with us last winter when we asked him which luthier he would recommend, he says Domenic Roscioli. Nothing to add. To keep you waiting here the video of the 171, here are the video of her twin sister the number 172 which has been made together.

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