Luthier Charalampos Koumridis Lattice No. 96

Already sold. As usual this awesome classical guitar from our luthier Charalampos Koumridis has be sold within a month. Contact us to get information on our next ones.

Thas is the third lattice guitar from the not so well-known luthier Charalampos Koumridis that we just received. However Charalampos Koumridis is surely our rising star.  The last two guitars –  No. 95 and No. 87 that you can listen in our website – just stayed a few days in the shop and have been prefered by players againts the cream of the cream of the Australian lattice guitars. The least that we can say is that the lattice guitar from Charalampos are awesome. The number 96 is more than great. Have a look at the comparative video that has been made against a Ramirez 1a and you will be convinced. This No 96 has been made together with the No 95 –  we run out of memory card when shooting the 96, so you will find mixed up those of the 95.

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