Richard Howell #411 2008 – Fleta model – Australia

Here is a new Fleta model from Richard Howell with a cedar top number 411… a must-have guitar!

If you asked to most of the luthiers who were the real guitar makers who really count in the guitar history, they will, of course, mention Antonio Torres and of course Ignacio Fleta (1897-1977). Ignacio Fleta has been starting to build guitars and Andres Segovia in 1957. The ’60s are known as being the best period for the Fleta guitars.


Here is a great Richard Howell Fleta’s inspired model guitar from 2008 No 411. Richard Howell is a famous builder who extensively made Fleta replicas inspired by the late Fleta guitar. The craftsmanship is amazing and the sound warm and powerful. This guitar is in perfect condition apart from a repair in the top which has been professionally made. The sound remains magical and the playability is simply perfect.



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