A great opportunity to acquire at a reasonable price one of the best concert traditional guitar from the famous Japanese luthier Kazuo Sato  : a 2000  Prestige concert guitar in perfect condition.

M. Kazuo Sato is one of the most famous Japanese luthier – he lives in Germany since 1976 and worked in England with the Luthier David Rubio . His guitars are famous for their exquisite craftmanship and for the high sounding quality.

If Kazuo Sato had be compared to the other famous luthiers, his name would be mentionned with those of  Daniel Friederich, Andreas Tacchi or Romanillos.

This Prestige guitar from M. Sato reminded us the latest Daniel Friederich from 1989 that we had for sale : same dynamic, same wonderful tone color but with maybe thicker notes , full and soft  specific color of sprucetop. The sound is elegant and beautiful, the spruce top brings a lot to the string separation, even is the guitar is clear all the note remains soft with deep basses which are round and loud. Listen to this video review you won’t regret it !

More information on this Prestige model Kazuo Sato  guitar  by clicking on the link.

The finest luthier guitars are available at www.concert-classical-guitar.com

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