Many of you have noticed that few guitars were available for sale. And that is true, we have had a lot of requests and because we selecting very carefully the luthiers, there has been few guitars available for sale.

To respond to the demand of high-end guitars, we are searching for new luthiers who could offers guitars with a lot of musicality and a good dynamics. So here are the guitars coming soon (within 2 months):


  • Dieter Hopf Portentosa Evolucion (the top of range from Dieter Hopf, loud and beautiful)
  • Martin Blackwell doubletop (Martin has 7 years of waiting time and his guitars are played by famous concertist)
  • Dennis Tolz DT (David Russell plays a Dennis Tolz’s guitar)
  • Carsten Kobs DT (played by Hubert Kappel and agnelio Desiderio)
  • Glenn Canin (the best US doubletop)
  • Dominique Delarue (one of the best traditional luthiermaker in France)
  • François Leonard (the rising star of the French lutherie)
  • Kazuo Sato (a reference in German lutherie)
  • Jean-Marie Fouilleul – arche dmoel
  • Richad Howell Fleta model
  • Jean-MLuc Joie Model L

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