The Little Library Concerts are happy to present Ludovic Michel.

Ludovic Michel graduated from the famous musical School in Paris – the CNSM Alexandre Lagoya class – , he gives recital concerts all over the world, the last one was in Hong-Kong this summer where he performed theAranjuez Concerto. In addition to his recital concerts, Ludovic is the manager of a fantastic Tango orchestra TANGUISSIMO.

To perfom concert recital and as well play with his Orchestra Tanguissimo, Ludovic needed a powerful guitar which could be very easy to play and sounding as well as his old Friederich. Ludovic choose a year ago in our showroom a 2017 guitar from our Korean luthier Young Seo.

For your pleasure, Ludovic chooses to perform hos own arrangement of a Tango from Laurenz Milonga de mis amores.


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