Daniel Friederich 1979 cedar No. 493 – France

 This fantastic guitar Daniel Friederich had been sold.

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It has been sometimes since we did not advertise a cedar top Friederich from the 80’. Although we know many Friederich owners who might sell one day or another their guitars, it has been very difficult to find a Daniel Friederich at a price which seems to be reasonable – although the prices were already very high. Because the market prices are sort of skyrocketting, most of the owners we know are now holding their guitars in a hope of better prices. Daniel Friederich guitars are surely the best classical guitars in the world and the demand is high.. It is very rare to find a Friederich which has not been repolished, there are some small marks as one could expect on a concert guitar which has been played daily. The review from Philippe will be available mid October only. In the meantime, we asked a friend to record some sound samples.

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