Jim Redgate 2020 No 430 – ex Philippe Mariotti

An amazing opportunity!

Here is the story about this guitar :

Philippe purchased his first Jim Redgate in 2009 which he sold a few years later once we started to receive amazing guitars. But he always regreted not having his Redgate anymore and waited to find the right number from Jim. In the meantime, we recorded a lot of crazy good guitars and among them more than 10 brand-new Jim Redgate. In 2020, we received the No 430 (the number is 430  and not 420), and Philippe liked it so much that he decided to keep this guitar. Since 2020, he has done many concerts and as well played the Redgate every day (Philippe has only one guitar).

In a view to finance a new project, Philippe decided to sell his guitar. The guitar conditions are amazing: like brand new. Philippe takes a lot of care of his guitars: not even a tiny mark, no repair of course, the guitar is like new. .. really like new.

Since 2020, the guitar has become more open, and louder with more overtones…

On one hand the guitar is from 2020 and not 2023 but on the other hand you don’t have to wait for many years, you have the warranty that this guitar is among the very best guitars of Jim, selected by Philippe after playing maybe 10 guitars from Jim and the guitar is in MINT condition.

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