Jim Redgate doubletop # 526 2024 – Australia

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Jim Redgate is worldwide famous for his lattice guitars (Ana Vidovic plays one). But Jim is also been building double-top guitars for years. The legend tells that Jim purchased a guitar from Matthias Dammann 15 years ago to get closer to the main principles of the DT. Since then, Jim made many DT, and Philippe and I had the chance to appreciate the quality level of his DTs. Last summer, for his 500th guitar, Jim built a DT that he showed to the great Ana Vidovic (if you search on YT you will find the video). And guess what! Ana was so impressed  (although, she loved her Lattice) that she ordered a DT in addition to her lattice. We can say that this new DT is 100% similar to the number 500 that Ana played. This guitar is a gem and offers the sound qualities of the DT (deepness, warmth, and thickness) with the signature of Jim.

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