Here is a great Daniel Friederich for sale from 1978 cedar Top Indian rosewood in an amazing condition, mostly because the guitar has been highly maintained by his owners. This Friederich is from 1978 which can be considered as part of Daniel’s best years. The guitar is in perfect condition and has been maintained by the previous owner who took care of the guitar without making any dramatic changes.

The top used for this guitar is a cedar top with a brown, ‘chocolate’ cedar chosen by M. Daniel Friederich. We know that he sometimes used this type of darker cedar. The top has been probably repolished or refreshed, the polish on the guitar is very thin. In the back there was some polish missing where the body is touching the guitar and we took the decision to repolish to keep the wood clean and protect him for any damages.  This one is very opened and has amazing thick and warm sound. See the video review.

Here is what we can say on the guitar :

  • Tuners changes with Gotoh tuner
  • Brand new frets (we have the old frets available)
  • Back and side repolish because the original polish went away
  • Top polish refreshed or maybe repolished but not so sure of that
  • Original soft BAM case
  • we guaranty this guitar free of crack and from any repair

Although we know many Friederich owners who might sell one day or another their guitars, it has been very difficult to find a Daniel Friederich at a price which seems to be reasonable – although the prices were already very high. Daniel Friederich guitars are surely the best classical guitars, the demand is high and every month we receive emails from players searching for a Daniel Friederich,  surely the best value in terms of top classical guitars and that they will again re-evaluate over time. Because we have access to a large number of Daniel Friederich in France, we try to offer the Daniel Friederich for sale at a  price the guitar which allows  the buyer to have a reasonable benefit when reselling.

The Daniel Friederich classical guitars from the 80’s are among the best Friederich produced. Daniel classical guitars are now a standard like Steinway for the Piano. Balance, projection and sweetness of the treebles . These classical guitars remain unique and some of the most highly searched classical guitars.

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