We thought that we knew all the great German doubletop builder and we were wrong. Reza Safavian is surely as good as his famous German colleagues. His double tops will soon be recognized as among the best guitar you can find, they are very similar to those of Matthias Dammann but with their own personalities.

Her is what we can tell you about the latest guitar from Reza that we received :

– a super loud guitar : we have compared this guitar with some our best references, including a 2016 Smallman and this guitar was at the top of the list just below the Smallman.
–  a perfect brightness/darkness balance : double tops tend to be sort of too dark. This is not the case here, there are some brightness in the notes which make the guitar good in every music style.
– A long sustain : then what is very surprising is the note duration which is quite uncommon for the double tops
As a conclusion, you should really have a serious look at this guitar.To be discovered !

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