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All the information on Finest Musical Instruments company

Incoming guitar in June :a concert guitar from the best guitar maker from Lithuania : Max Cuker

More information on this Max Cuker double-top guitar by clicking on the link. A new [...]

Visesnut cases available now !

Buying a nice case is a frustrating topic: first, because the good ones are not [...]

Newly arrived a stunning brand new spruce top Simon Marty !

Among the famous luthier such as Matthias Damann, Greg Smallman, Jim Redgate, Daniel Friederich, Simon [...]

Forget the Black Friday : have a look at our 4 great pre-owned guitars for sale !

As you surely noticed we have very few pre-owned guitars as opposed to our competitors. [...]

Due to arrive and already on hold 1989 No 653 Daniel Friederich : join the Daniel Friederich seeker list

Daniel Friederich is surely one of the best luthiers of all time. His guitars are [...]

Event the 29th of October 2019 : arrival a brand new Michael O’Leary – Ireland

Receiving a brand new Michael O’Leary is an small event by itself. The Michael O’Leary17 [...]

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