Video review Review luthier Zbigniew Gnatek classical guitar 2016

Hello here is a review of the 2016 – mint condition Zbigniew Gnatek just received.

Enjoy !

Some information on this wonde

His classical guitars are played by famous concertists such as Costas Cotsilis (Greece), Rafael Aguirre Minarro (Spain), Artyon Dervoed (Russia), Alen Garagic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal), Guilherme Vinces (Brazil) and Krzytof Pelech(Poland).Zbigniew Gnatek, based in Sydney, has been making classical guitars since 1995. He studied classical guitar in Europe and Australia and holds a bachelor degree in Music Performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He also has an extensive background in acoustics with a degree in Audio Engineering. Zbigniew combines the modern Australian lattice design with the refined traditional European artistry. Gnatek guitars are amongst the world’s most advanced in design, construction and craftsmanship.

A very special lattice guitar

The guitar of the luthier Zibgniew Gnatek are very different from the usual Australian lattice braced guitars : there are much lighter and not as dark. The bass are however very deep and dark whereas the trebles are cristal-clear and bright. As a result the string separation is huge and provide a incredible musicality. This method of building allows performers to be heard when playing with an orchestra and to also achieve the sensitivity of playing solo.The setting of the guitar is perfect. You have to know that Zbigniew before beeing a guitar marker was and still is a great players. The sustain is long and in addition there are huge overtones which ring and enhance the sound duration. The treble although clear are thick and creamy. Difficult to imagine but the result provides to the player a huge pleasure.

In conclusion, maybe the best Lattice Australian guitar.

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