We’ve been asked often to find some good Double-top concert guitars at a lower price. We have been trying hard but it is really difficult to find a good DT or lattice below 5000€ which could be loud, offer nice sound quality and great playability. We have met Jan Schneider in Brussels festival and really have been amazed by his guitars. The first guitar from Jan has been sold very quickly. We just receive a new guitar from Jan Schneider which is at 3400€. The video of this guitar will be shoot end of the month, but I doubt that the guitar will still be available. So here is the review of the last 2019 one we had. Both guitars are very consistent. Listen to the review video just to be convinced.

More information on this Jan Schneider guitar  by clicking on the link.

The finest luthier guitars are available at www.concert-classical-guitar.com

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