Cleyton Fernandes is a young talented luthier and guitarist. He played for a long time with a Zbigniew Gnatek and got his inspiration from the Australian school of lutherie. Cleyton is aiming at building loud guitars but with a traditional sound and dynamics which can offer a wide range of playing. This guitar offers dark and deep basses and clear and creamy trebles. The string separation is amazing and the sustain amazing. The price 3900€ is amazingly low for a guitar that will compete with any high-class lattice guitars. The next guitars will be at a higher price..

Introducing a new luthier is a small achievement for us. We spend our time looking for new luthiers and it is very rare that we succeed to find a new luthier which meets all our requirements. As you know, we do purchase all the new guitars available in our showroom and do not take any guitar on consignment from the luthiers. We always refused to take any guitar on consignment from the luthiers because first, we think that it is unfair for them and secondly because generally, the good guitars are not available for sale at the luthier’s workshop (Most of our luthiers have at least 6 month-waiting lists). So for us, it is a fruit of a long work to convince a luthier to sell one of his guitars.

It has been 6 months since we first discussed with Cleyton Fernandes. Cleyton has a 18-month waiting list and we just received his last guitar.

The sound has still the same tone color as his previous lattice model but with a little bit more sound thickness which adds some warmness. What is really amazing is the thickness consistency of the notes and the dynamics even below the 12 fret. A result of the pleasure which already great for the player becomes HUGE!

More information on this 2020 Jim Redgate  No 420 by clicking on the link.

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