Buying a nice case is a frustrating topic: first, because the good ones are not cheap and then because you will have to prioritize in your choice some of the qualities required for a good case (often you will have have to choose between lightweight, strength to resist to shock, the ability to really fit your guitar size and finally the price).

If you are looking for a flight case at a reasonable price which is in a way adjustable to your guitar size, you should go for the Visesnut cases. We are happy to list Visesnut cases, call us to order a particular color. The one available is black premiere Serie and dark grey Active Serie plus a softcover. Watch the video attached, that’s pretty clear.

Visesnut cases whatever the range are basically all the same and are made to travel in a plane. Here his a ‘Premiere Serie’ case which is similar to the Active Serie but with an external painting which makes the case slightly nicer. Here, the color is Copper bronze. We are listing the Visesnut case at the Visesnut catalog price:

  • Premiere series : 820 €
  • Active series : 630€
  • soft cover – adaptable for both series : 88€

More information on :

Premiere serie
Active series

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