The Martin Blackwell double tops are among the best concert guitars that you can find. Having said that, we decided to make a comparison video with the last Martin doubletop we have in the showroom with our usual Jose Ramirez. One word to summarize the video: tradition versus modernity.

What could not really shown to you is the huge musical potential that such a doubletop as the one from Martin Blackwell can afford to an imaginative and sensitive player. Let’s make it clear, the whole target of Martin Blackwell when making his guitars is not to make a louder /warmer/clearer guitars but just a guitar which will offer more to a demanding player : a guitar which will meet all the demands whatever they are. More musical possibilities for the player which if course includes a wonderful tone to motivate the guitarists and bring the public to paradise.

Here is the link for more information on the Progresso from the Luthier Dieter Hopf 

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