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Comparative video John Price 2019 No 380 versus Jose Ramirez 1a

John Price guitars are our best-seller guitars. Beautiful, loud, musical, natural sounding, and easy to [...]

Comparative video Dennis Tolz 2019 versus Jose Ramirez 1a

Here is the guitar, Philippe and I have been dreaming of listing in our showroom. [...]

The guitar evolution in video with 4 great guitars : Torres, Ramirez, Lissarrague, Koumridis

Here is a particular video shoot with 4 amazing guitars which aims at showing how [...]

Comparative video Martin Blackwell No 157 doubletop versus José Ramirez 1A

The Martin Blackwell double tops are among the best concert guitars that you can find. Having said that, we decided [...]

Comparative video between 2019 doubletop from Charalampos Koumridis and José Ramirez 1A

The Charalampos Koumridis doubletop guitar is far from beeing like the german doubletop guitars. First [...]

Video Review of the Antonio Torres replica FE17 1864 from the luthier Dominik Wurth

Antonio Torres is surely one of the greatest guitarmaker in the guitar history. Great guitar [...]

Comparison doubletop Keijo Korelin – Finland – versus traditional José Ramirez 1a Spain

The doubletop guitars (or sandwich top with nomex or balsa) are known for being closer [...]

Comparison John Price lattice – Australia – versus José Ramirez 1a – Spain

Many players ask us what are the differences between a good lattice concert classical guitar [...]

Comparative video 1970 spruce Daniel Friederich versus cerdar José Ramirez 1a

As you know because we are located in France, we have access to many Friederich [...]

Comparative video Gnatek lattice versus Koumiridis double-top !

We have been asked many times to compare a lattice and a doubletop guitar. Although [...]

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