Among the French luthier master, Dominique Delarue is often listed among the fifth ones. His guitars are often compared to the latest Daniel Friederich. Some players will even told you that they are offering a slightly louder sound and that the playability is better  – the Friederich guitars are not particularly easy to play because of their necks.

Here is a wonderful Dominique Delarue from 2001 which happens to be in close the perfect condition. The guitar has been repolished by a professional luthier. For those who would like to have their own viewpoint on the Delarue versus Friederich . Here is a comparison video. Of course we are comparing  apples and pears – or whatever –  but that gives an idea. Last but not least the price of the Delarue is 6 times less than the price of the Friederich.

Here is the link for more information on the Dominique Delarue 2001 No. 232 

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