Detailed video review of a dreamguitar the Michael O’Leary 2017

Each time we receive a new Michael O’Leary, that is the same thing : Philippe and I are sure that the new one is better than the last one. Of course that is not true, simply the guitar of Michael O’Leary guitarsare way above many other guitars. They are not the loudest one but surely the most musical guitar one can find. Berta Rojas, Sharon Isbin and David Russell got it right when choosing his guitars. We made a video review of the last Cedar / Cocobolo guitar from Michael O’Leary and hope that we will able to share with you all the pleasure we got with that new guitar.

For more information : see Michael O’Leary guitar page.

Some more information on Michael O’Leary guitars:

We have the chance to have once a year a brand new guitar from the Irish luthier Michael O’Leary. This N° 219 is amazing even better than the 206 that we had last year. Here the musicality comes first : the guitar has not been made to be the loudest and even though the guitar is loud but to offer the nicest musical tones.

The main features are the sound quality with crystal-clear trebles, a long sustain and a great balance between clarity and warmness. One can get a lot of tone colours out of the guitar. The basses are deep,  The notes are creamy and thick. Last but not least the Coccobolo is wonderful.

Alec and Michael O’Leary’s workshop is located near to Milford Carlow in the Irish countryside but their guitars are all over the world in the hands of famous players such as Bertas Rojas or Sharon Isbin. Loud and beautiful with a wonderful colour tone.

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