Korea is famous for all the high tech brands and research and innovation are part of the Korea strengths. Surely they are among the firsts when if comes to hightech but about guitar making ?
We have received the visit of M. Young Seo in Paris, we often receive luthiers when they come in Paris. However it is quite rare that we keep their guitars.

This time Philippe and I have been blow away by the guitar brought by Young Seo. That looks like a traditional guitar, but I can tell you that inside the guitar the bracing is not usual. The craftmanship in incredibily detailed like the japanase luthier school.

What about the sound ?

We had the chance to try a late Daniel Friederich – they are very loud and punchy but still with the Freiderich sound. The Young Seo guitar reminded us of the particular Friederich. By saying that we mean that that is an exceptional guitar: punchy with the right balance between clarity and warmness, with a nice string separation and very easy to play. We will shoot the video in January. But really advise you to have a careful look at Young Seo works.

Young seo guitar
Young seo guitar

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