Keijo Korelin is one of the greatest luthier we met, he had learned his art from luthiers such as Gernot Wagner in Germany. This No.93 is everything a player could expect from a great double-top. if I had to list by order what are the qualities of Keijo’ instruments, i will say :

  • First the beauty of the tone: I played some year ago on a 2006 Gernot Wagner and really was blow away by the tone quality, roundness but as well clarity withvery thick notes. The Wagner did not have the booming explosion so typical of the double-top but on the contrary a good balance between sustain and projection. This classical guitar for the luthier Keijo Korelin offers the same tone quality.
  • The balance between bass and the trebles, everything is clear and separated
  • loudness, the guitar as most of the double-top is offering more sound than any traditional guitar.

We will make some recording soon. in the meantime we have selected some YT video to give you a test of the guitar tone.


Keijo Korelin is our latest discovery and is living in the deep Finland making wonderful double-top classical guitars. He has been trained with the best double-top luthiers (such as Gernot Wagner) and has developped a very particular double-top guitar which is called Triticum.

  • The guitar is loud (but not too loud to maintained the feel and touch of a ‘traditional’ guitar),
  • The balance brightness/warmness is amazing, one cannot tell that the guitar is dark or clear, just the right balance.
  • The treble are incredibly elegant thick, crystal-clear. They remind me the treble of the Gernot wagner guitar although there are less medium in the bass.
  • The bass are just perfect with some brightness to increase string separation
  • Craftmanship is perfect – elevated fingerboard, with wonderful Alessi tuners

The whole result is amazing, this DT is surely among the best one that you can find.

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