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Incoming guitar in June :a concert guitar from the best guitar maker from Lithuania : Max Cuker

More information on this Max Cuker double-top guitar by clicking on the link. A new [...]

Video review: One of the best French double-top Jean-Noel Lebreton

Here is a Doubletop guitar made in France specially commissioned for our showroom. We asked [...]

Full video review of new US star of the double-top Glenn Canin

One of the best US double-top guitar : the Glenn Canin DT Glenn Canin is [...]

Video Review of a STUNNING double-top No 131 from Charalampos Koumridis

Here is the video Review of a STUNNING double-top No 131 from Charalampos Koumridis The [...]

Soon in our showroom : a doubletop from Glenn Canin – US

Because we want to offer you the possibility to make your dream come true and [...]

An amazing concert guitar at a reasonable price : Max Cuker – Lithuania – model Anastasia 2019

We have been waiting 2 years to get this great guitar from Max Cuker and [...]

Comparative video Dennis Tolz 2019 versus Jose Ramirez 1a

Here is the guitar, Philippe and I have been dreaming of listing in our showroom. [...]

Review of Dennis Tolz 2019 doubletop guitar

We are happy to present a brand new guitar from one of the most gifted [...]

Video review of the 2019 Jean-Noel Lebreton doubletop – France

It is not often that we order to a French luthier a doubletop. Here is [...]

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