There are  in fact very few guitarmakers making top lattice classical guitar in the USA. Gregory Byers is surely one of them. We have been so much surprised by the quality of this Greggory Byers guitar that we have decided to shoot a complete review video of the guitar. have look at the video, you will understand what we means.

Gregory Byers is one of the most famous guitar luthiers in the United-States. David Russell has been playing with his guitars for a long time. This guitar which is in mint condition offers a beautiful traditional sound but with a big voice and an incredible sustain.

A lattice guitar closer to a traditional guitar. Most of all, Gregory Byers is mostly aiming at keeping the sound beauty of the great traditional guitars. He uses a traditional bracing which is crossed with some transversal braces. As a result, there is more sustain and more sound thickness. The basses are full and generous and contribute to the voice separation.

The overall feeling is to have a wonderful traditional sounding guitar with a great volume and sustain. The sound of the Spruce top and African Blackwood

One is really surprised by the beauty of the notes.  The trebles are crystal-clear and the bass is loud. The spruce top brings some clarity but with some softness. In a way this guitar is closer to the guitar of Simon Marty than the other Australian lattice maker.

The guitar was delivered early 2014 but bears the year 2013 on the label.

Mint condition.


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