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Detailed video review of the Koumridis doubletop guitar No 118 – Greece

Once again, here is an incredible guitar from Greece. This double-top from Charalampos Koumridis is [...]

Comparative video between 2019 doubletop from Charalampos Koumridis and José Ramirez 1A

The Charalampos Koumridis doubletop guitar is far from beeing like the german doubletop guitars. First [...]

Comparative video Allan Bull lattice braced guitar versus Jose Ramirez

All the lattice guitars are different and after a long time spent testing guitars, one [...]

Comparative video Doubletop Progresso from luthier Dieter Hopf versus Jose Ramirez 1A

We have been asked by many players to find a classical guitar which will have [...]

Video Review of the Vassilis Vasileiadis double-top – Greece

Once again, here is an incredible guitar from Greece. This double-top from Vassilis Vasileiadis is [...]

New arrival : Gerard Audirac concert guitar 2009 – top without sound-hole

As you know, the innovations are key for us and more than welcome when it [...]

Video Review of the Antonio Torres replica FE17 1864 from the luthier Dominik Wurth

Antonio Torres is surely one of the greatest guitarmaker in the guitar history. Great guitar [...]

Our classical guitars available for sale at the 11th of June2017

We receive guitars every month and many of them are already on hold when they [...]

Video review of a 2013 Gregory Byers lattice braced classical guitar spruce top / African Blackwood

There are  in fact very few guitarmakers making top lattice classical guitar in the USA. [...]

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