Jean-Noel Lebreton is an experienced French luthier who makes traditional guitars in the respect of the Bouchet and Friederich tradition. As a traditional guitar maker, Jean-Noel has however always been curious about the innovation. Since a couple of years, Jean-Noel has been making as well some Doubletop guitars. We tried some of his doubletop model and finally as him to do for our showroom a guitar with some of our requirements. Because we are sort of familiar to great DT and DT guitarmakers, we asked Jean-Noel to include in this DT guitar some of the design we thought could have a positive effects. Jean-Noel did better than take our requirements he improved then and added other ones.

Here is the link for more information on the 2019 doubletop from the French  Luthier Jean-Noel Lebreton 

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