Michael O’Leary guitar played by Berta Rojas

Michael O’Leary is a master luthier building awesome guitars which are played by huge concertists such as Berta Rojas or Sharon Isbin. Once one has said that, what can we add : simply that the O’Leary are the less ‘lattice’ sounding guitars, with wonderful sparkling trebles and deep basses. But we let you judge by yourself!

Have look at our latest  O’Leary available by clicking here.

Here are some additionnal information on Michael O’Leary guitars:

Alec and Michael O’Leary’s workshop is located near to Milford Carlow in the Irish countryside but their guitars are all over the world in the hands of famous players such as Bertas Rojas or Sharon Isbin. Loud and beautiful with a wonderful colour tone.

Being a fan of Bertas Rojas and Sharon Isbin, having a classical guitar from Alec and Michael O’Leary was simply compulsory for us. We ordered this guitar a long time ago and waiting until recently when the guitar arrived. This one is from the Professional series the best one and offers wonderful craftsmanship with very impressive Pau Ferro rosewood for the back and side. The playability of the guitar is great and the sound is incredible. The string separation is amazing and the guitar has just some fantastic medium which makes the guitar very balanced. The trebles are crystal clear.

I will position this guitar among the very best lattice guitars sharing the sound quality of a Simon Marty with but a little bit warmer.

Maybe the best lattice guitar from Europe.

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