We are often asked to find some great Spanish guitars. Some of them are amazing of beauty, but many of them have the default of mass production even though they are supposed to be made by a luthier. Manuel Contreras has been trained with José Ramirez and then build wonderful guitars.

This Manuel Contreras I Doble Tapa has been made in 1987 by Manuel Contreras father when he was at his best. The Doble Tapa range represented the top of the line of Manuel concert guitars and was aiming at offering a louder sound be still with the same Spanish tone color. This one is in close to mint condition and has been professionally repolished. A big very opened warm sound and a wonderful craftsmanship. A real investment!

This classical guitar from the luthier Manuel Contreras I is in MINT condition. a great opportunity to acquire a wonderful guitar from a huge master at a reasonable price.

More information on this Manuel Contreras guitar  by clicking on the link.

Manuel contreras Doble Tapa 1987

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